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Q. I do yoga/cross fit/running and it’s very mindful. How is this different?

A. Meditation is a work out for your brain. It’s like exercise, but less sweaty. The difference is you’re consciously running towards yourself.

Q. How do I know if I’m meditating right?

A. Basically, if you’re meditating, you’re on the right track. Just like anything in life, the more you practice, the more natural it becomes. We promise.

Q. What if I can’t sit still and my mind always wanders?

A. Meditation doesn’t get rid of your thoughts – those will always be present – but, we are here to help guide you to peacefully coexisting with them. Even achieving one second of a quiet mind does wonders for your Self. Let’s be real, finding time to sit still, away from the distractions of the Western world, is a gift.

Q. What type of meditation is right for me?

A. The DEN offers countless options for you to explore. Just start with one and test the waters in order to find what works for you. Investing in yourself is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to help.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Whatever you are wearing works! No need to change before class. However, if you are new to meditation we recommend dressing comfortably so you have one less distraction. 


Q. I’ve never done this before. How do I get started?

A. Just book a class and show up. We’ll help you take it from there.

Q. What specials do you have for new students?

A. The DEN meditation has a $30  intro special that allows you unlimited access to all of our classes for 14 days. See First Time @The DEN for more info. Also, we offer a monthly workshop “Learn to Meditate” that is a perfect way to get all of your questions answered and have a class with more instruction. We think wither of these, and especially the combination, is a perfect way to start.

Q. Can I extend a bundle

A. Yes, for $35 you can extend for a month.

Q. I have an injury and can’t sit on the floor, can I still meditate comfortably?

A. We have a bench built in to the back of both of our main rooms so there is no need to sit on the floor if you don’t want to. We also have floor cushions that have back support if you are more comfortable that way. If you have a more specific need please let our front desk know and we will be happy to accommodate.

Q. Where do I park?

A. LA STUDIO: There is metered parking and free residential parking in the surrounding neighborhoods and on La Brea (check street signs please!) For your convenience we also have valet parking available for $3.75 next door in the parking lot just north of The DEN. This valet is always open during The DEN Meditation’s normal business hours.

STUDIO CITY STUDIO: PARKING is available a block away at Studio City Public Parking.

Q. Can I come in late?

A. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class. Unfortunately, no one will be allowed to join once the door to the classroom is shut. Doors close promptly at the scheduled start time. While we want everyone to enjoy our classes, coming in late does disrupt the flow and is disturbing to those who are already meditating. Please enjoy a cup of tea and a book from our library as you wait for the next class.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone in to class?

A. We have a convenient cell phone check in cubby at the front desk, and require phones to be checked in prior to the start of class. If you prefer, you can leave them in the car or at home. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Q. Can I rent the space?

A. Absolutely! We have different sized rooms and can pretty much accommodate whatever you need, just give us a shout (actually don’t shout, it’s a meditation studio.)

Q. Does the DEN offer private or corporate sessions?

A. Definitely! It’s our mission to spread the benefits of meditation everywhere. You come to us, or we go to you – we’ll make this as easy as possible. Visit our Corporate page for more details on the corporate programs we can provide.

Q. What else does The DEN offer besides meditation?

A. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of ways for our members to continually evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally beyond just meditation including:

  • Sound baths
  • Gong immersions
  • Specialized workshops in relationship building, mindful self-compassion, breath work, past life regression, voice work, tantra, yoga nidra, and many more …
  • Teacher trainings
  • Reiki Certifications
  • Domestic and international retreats
  • Private energy healings or Reiki, Cranialsacral, Aroma Balancing, Theta, Shamanic, Acupuncture
  • Prenatal & fertility classes
  • Kids series

Q. Why should I choose The DEN meditation?

A. We have an inclusive community of all ages that you can’t find anywhere else. This isn’t just a meditation studio; it’s a family, a hub for all your wellness needs, and a breeding ground for inspiration.

Q. Can I reserve spots for guests besides myself?

A. If you purchase multiple tickets for guests other than yourself, you must call or email us to actually register them into the workshop, otherwise we cannot guarantee there will be a spot available. Workshops are often filled to capacity, so you must have a spot reserved for all individuals participating. (Users registering on desktop can do this during the payment process.)

Q. Are we able to freeze our monthly memberships?

A. Clients can freeze their membership once a year for a max of 3 consecutive months and a minimum of 1 month. They will be charged $25/month for each month they are freezing.

Q. What’s your cancelation policy?

A. Life happens, we get it. If you have to cancel a workshop, please do so 5 hours in advance to avoid losing your workshop credit. Credits are valid up to 12 months. Non-members lose the credit and members (including the intro special) will be charged $10.

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