Meditate 1,000 Feet Above the City, at OUE Skyspace LA

The DEN on NBC4 LA

“The new year isn’t so new by the time February edges into view. But the thing about resolutions, and committing to a better path, and trying something fresh or deepening a longtime practice, is that all good focuses can begin at any minute on any day, no matter what the calendar says. Even the final Saturday of January, which feels like a fine time to try something novel and intriguing, before the first month wraps.

And if you meditate, or you have been wanting to explore meditation, chances are you have a pillow at home, or a chair, or any quiet place that serves as the spot you go to when you go within. But finding a meditation spot 1,000 feet above the city? At OUE Skyspace LA, which overlooks a huge swath of Los Angeles and beyond? At just after dawn? It’s a place that nicely mirrors the vast interior world that meditation seeks to tap into, and the time of day, too, has a contemplative quality.

That’s just what will happen on Saturday, Jan. 27 when The DEN Meditation visits OUE Skyspace LA for a 45-minute guided meditation…”

The DEN on NBC4 LA

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