Meditation For The Stressed Out Millennial

Millennials are a generation that are constantly on the go. They pride themselves in multitasking and their ability to work multiple jobs and multiple projects. But in result of these abilities to live an active and full life, they are stressed out.

A study done by the American Psychological Association in 2015 found that millennials, individuals between 18 and 35 years old, are the most stressed out generation in history. There are many contributing factors to this increased stress like money, work, technology, social media, and of course their ever increasing amount of student loan debt. Although millennials are stressed, living a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle is important to them.

Meditation is a practice that can improve both physical and mental health. It has the ability to help lower blood pressure, decrease stress and anxiousness, improve sleep and can strengthen the link between people’s body and mind. With stress and anxiety being something that many of people have accepted as a part of life, a practice that can improve or even eliminate that area of life is something that is honestly difficult to imagine but is something to be truly excited about.

The practice teaches awareness and mindfulness, making meditators more conscious of where their mind wonders. In result it can help their wondering minds to stay focused and control what they decide to dwell on. It also slows down brain activity, which let’s face it, everyone needs considering society over stimulates their brains every day with their never ending intake and scrolling on social media. Lastly, it improves creativity, so if you need some inspiration, meditate!

If you aren’t convinced that meditation is right for you this may do it, it slows down the aging process. Although this may seem difficult to believe, there have been multiple studies, one from Harvard, that have actually proved this statement. Meditation changes the brains’ physiology and increases brain cells. Long story short, since our minds experience reduced stress, not as much stress is put on your body and in result, the aging process slows down.

Learning to meditate is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s practice can reap huge benefits for our physical and mental well-being. For the generation of millennials, decreasing stress and living out that desire to have a healthy lifestyle is a necessity in people’s busy lives. So jump into a meditation class and let’s start slowing that aging process down!

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