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There’s No Place Like the DEN

Established in 2016, the DEN has everything you’ve been searching for in a cutting-edge meditation studio in Los Angeles: multiple meditation rooms, a tea bar, calming vibes, and wi-fi. The DEN, located on La Brea in the heart of Los Angeles, is a harbor of serenity in the center of a busy city. Exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and comfortable seating provide a relaxing ambiance that makes our studio feel like your home away from home. With a welcoming atmosphere and expert instructors, we’ve created a space where anyone, at any level, can start, grow, or strengthen their practice.  

When you enter our meditation studio you are greeted with a comfortable seating area that is perfect to commune with fellow DENizens, you can enjoy a complimentary cup of tea, and relish in conversations with kindred spirits after your class before returning to your busy day. Each meditation room is equipped to give you the utmost comfortable and peaceful experience. Our instructors have a variety of tools such as soothing sounds, meditation pillows, and essential oils that they may use to guide you through your meditative experience. We also provide floor cushions with back support and a bench for those who may have difficulty sitting on the floor. We have rooms for group meditation sessions as well as a private room for self-guided meditation. Explore the accents that adorn our space, like the Malas bracelets, literature, and candles, as many of them are available for purchase to bring serenity with you wherever you go. The quiet, relaxed environment keeps you centered from the moment you walk in the door, through your meditation session, and until you walk out of the meditation studio back into the heart of Los Angeles.