The DEN Meditation Teacher Training

The DEN Meditation is honored to announce our new Meditation Teacher Training in Los Angeles! Facilitated by four of our enlightening teachers (including Chandresh Bhardwaj, Hilary Jackendoff, Heather Prete, and Scott Tusa the sessions are centered on a variety of topics including tantra, mantra, consciousness, mindfulness, and meditation. This incredible four-month journey offers the student a chance to become the teacher and inspire others.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.” – Rumi

If you have ever felt the desire to build upon your knowledge of meditation and use it to help better others, take this opportunity to immerse yourself in your passion and be a part of a greater community of leaders, teachers, and life-changers. Through a series of three modules, the DEN Meditation teacher training Los Angeles will instruct students on how to teach meditation by maintaining a daily practice, completing homework, quizzes, & exams, assist & attend classes, and participate in a 5-day meditation retreat. The program is a 400-hour course that allows its graduates to continue the journey of self-discovery and higher consciousness.

Meditation is a means to overcome obstacles, reduce stress and anxiety, spread love and joy, & identify the spiritual voice within. By learning the guidelines to instructing others confidently and wholesomely, our students can unlock another level of awareness within themselves. From January through April, the meditation teacher training program encourages each of its participants to strengthen their practice, deep dive, into meditation, and find their voice!

Seem interesting? Find more info at or stop by to learn from one of our exceptional teachers.



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  1. Michelle N Cassel
    5 hours ago

    Would like more information on retreat and teacher training.

  2. Louise Thorpe
    6 hours ago

    Hello, namaste,

    I hope all is going beautifully:)

    I would love to do meditation teacher tracing to support my yoga teachings and passion . My availability is from the 16 th December to the 2nd January. Do you have anything suitable around those dates?

    Any advice much appreciated

    Thank you so much

  3. Manoj
    6 hours ago

    Hi guys, I’m trying to click onto your info page, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Can you send me more details on the training? Dates, prices and content?

    Many thanks,


    1. Janet Song
      3 hours ago

      Please email me with more details on this training! Dates/price/early bird registration/etc?


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