“Meet Heather Prete of Heather Prete Mindfulness in Beverly Grove”

The DEN on VoyageLA

“It has been a smooth road in many ways, but personally we always have a learning curve! Mainly I had to really balance my energy as things began to grow. I have an assistant who manages much of the “business” stuff so I can be fully present for my clients.

I also found a home base, The DEN Meditation. That was a game changer. Tal, (the owner and creator) has become an incredibly close friend and colleague. I teach EVERYTHING there, including my UCLA MAPS classes.

Having a home and support around the nuts and bolts is really everything to me. If you told me I would have my own business 10 years ago I would have said that was ridiculous. However, we find our strengths as we are challenged. I am clear on what flows from me with joy and ease…and what does not! I allocate what isn’t natural so that I can continue to cultivate what I have to give…. That, for me, is key…”

The DEN on VoyageLA

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