The Do’s and Don’ts of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde might be the most infamous of all astrological goings on, but like most bad boys, the apprehension that surrounds Mercury Retrograde is due to misunderstanding and fear. Retrograde periods can actually be super helpful if we look at what the planet in question represents in our lives. Mercury rules all things communication, travel, and formal documents such as agreements or proposals, so it’s pretty clear that Mercury being out of whack has the capacity to affect our daily lives. As it speeds by Earth on its orbit around the sun, Mercury creates turbulence, kicking up dust for about three weeks, hence the retrograde period.

Queen Susan Miller of and my morning ritual says, “‘As above, so too below.’ By that we mean there is a fractal relationship between the orbits in the heavens and human activity down here on Earth.” Having this knowledge gives us the ability to use retrograde periods to our benefit. Mercury Retrograde gives us a second to slow down and reflect on what’s been happening in our life since the last MR period, and carve out a plan for the future. Here are some Mercury Retrograde hacks that, come May 3rd when this current retrograde ends, will leave you refreshed, renewed, and with very few regrets.

DO carve out time for reflection and contemplation. Mercury Retrograde is less about taking action than taking the appropriate time to consider your options. This is an amazing time to brush up on your meditation skills.

DON’T sweat the small stuff. Little mishaps and miscommunications are bound to happen during Mercury Retrograde so let it bounce right off your back. If something really bothers you, it might be shining a light on an aspect of your life that needs a change, but just sit with it for now and see how you feel about it in a few weeks.

DO triple check your work, e-mails, texts, and social media posts. Because everyone’s communication skills are not so much during this time, you can expect your own to be a bit off and others’ interpretations to be lacking. So just stay mindful of how you’re coming across.

DON’T be surprised if former partners, forgotten projects, or old friends pop up out of the blue. Because Mercury Retrograde causes lots of reflection and reminiscing, you are likely to see things and people from the past during this time. This does not necessarily mean you are supposed to carry these things with you into the future, there may just be some aspect that needs revisting.

DO handle your unfinished business. This is the PERFECT time to reassess your budgets, business agreements, creative projects that have fallen by the wayside, etc. Since things are likely to slow down a bit, there should be lots of time for finishing up the tasks that you have been avoiding.

DON’T sign any contracts or begin any new projects or relationships until Mercury Retrograde has ended. Of course, sometimes these things cannot be avoided, but if you can just push things back a couple of weeks, definitely do.

DO travel for leisure. If you can just meander and have a very loose timeline when any delays aren’t going to set you back, now is the perfect time to get away or staycation. The great thing about MR is that you can really use the time to become aggressively chill and just be ok with what is.

DON’T buy anything expensive if you can avoid it- especially electronics. Mercury rules electronics, which is why your laptop may not be on its best behavior for a moment, so what you purchase might turn out to be a bit of a lemon.

Make friends with Mercury Retrograde. It’s here to serve you if you let it. Like all seasons in life, this one isn’t permanent, so absorb whatever lessons come your way and let go of any fear or resistance to it. Conditions are changing and we are prepared to embrace them. Bring it on, Mercury! (But not, like, too hard. Thanks.)

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