Mindful Meditation Affects More Than Just Your Mind.

The differences between mindful meditation and relaxation practices can sometimes be surprising, even to those well versed in the art of meditation. In the Huffington Post article “Here’s How Meditation Reduces Inflammation And Prevents Disease”, we learn just how real these differences are. Mindful meditation and the practice of active mindfulness supply lasting physical results that relaxation training alone does not. What the Biological Psychiatry department at Carnegie Mellon University has found is that the major variation between the two is a matter of inflammation. These researchers discovered that meditation is more effective at producing inflammatory health benefits. Inflammation can be measured through the activity of brain circuits which account for “the default mode network (which is involved in mind-wandering and internal reflection) and the executive attention network (key to attention, planning and decision-making).”

We already knew how mindfulness meditation affects us mentally, but we are pleased to know how huge of an impact it has on our physical health as well! For health conditions ranging from cancer to PTSD, mindfulness meditation has been proven to provide incredibly beneficial results. A study conducted by these researchers found that mindfulness “teaches participants how to be more open and attentive to their experiences, even difficult ones,” while relaxation techniques are good at the time of practice, but are more difficult to apply in a time of need. So, when you’re making your decision about how to unwind, consider mindfulness meditation offered right here at the DEN meditation.

Read the full article here on Huffington Post.

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