Mindfulness for Busy Moms

The DEN in L.A. Parent

“When I opened the door to DEN Meditation on a recent Saturday morning, feeling victorious because I found a parking space right in front (no easy feat on busy La Brea Avenue), I was greeted by the smell of essential oils and fresh flowers. My senses were awakened, which I learned is one of the central goals of a meditation practice.

This would be my first meditation class, and I looked forward with cautious optimism to leaving behind the bustle of the city, the demands of motherhood and the 22-point to-do list I wrote in my mind at 2 a.m. I’m a thinker. If I’m being honest, I’m an over thinker. I’m a planner, a worrier and a consummate what-if’er. The wisdom of my mother’s voice reminding me, “Don’t be so focused on tomorrow when there are enough problems of today” is drowned out by my unremitting belief that if I can simply find more hours in the day, I can do it all…”

The DEN on L.A. Parent

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