Election Season: Managing the Stress

Here’s what we know… This election hasn’t been easy

No matter the outcome, half of the country would have been disappointed, stressed, and worried about our country’s future. With divisive nominees comes overwhelming worry that can be harbored internally, inducing anxiety, and for many, loss of sleep. The fears looming over us often take control and make it difficult to remain focused on the people or work that is most meaningful and mindful of our day-to-day actions. Meditation for stress can help us cope both psychologically and physically in times of great stress.

Inside Edition interviewed The DEN Meditation’s very own Angie Vroom about the impact of this election on the people around her. She’s seen a huge surge in voters seeking relief as she told Inside Edition, “People tend to go a little apocalyptic at election time.”

Our instructors at The DEN Meditation are here to assist in managing these unwanted feelings. If you’re receiving negative emotions, try meditating on compassion by focusing your practice on your heart center. By focusing on the heartbeat and breath, we are better able to send our aura of love into the world to those who need it most; if that person is you, feel free to make it a practice of self-compassion. Meditation for stress can do wonders on a damaged or concerned psyche.

Trust us when we say, this is normal! It’s normal to worry, feel anxious, and be frustrated… but it’s possible to let these feelings arise without being wholly consumed. Dr. Wendy Walsh says one of the best remedies is laughter; “Humor lets us step back and have a different perspective on things…”

If you can’t get yourself to laugh it off, however, meditation might be able to help relieve some of those burdens. Meditation for stress allows us to separate our thoughts from our consciousness. We are so much more than just our thoughts – We are contributors to a greater good, lovers of life, and powerful entities who seek fulfillment. So, if you feel like letting some of it go, give us a call, register online, or use our app to schedule the class that feels most beneficial for you, right here in the heart of Los Angeles!

Don’t know which classes to take? Speak to our helpful DENizens at the front desk about each of the classes/workshops offered.

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