How Psychic Meditation Exercises Can Improve Your Relationships

The relationships we form in our lives, voluntarily or by chance, require a spiritual agreement between the individuals. But what happens when we don’t create the internal space or capacity to create meaningful bonds? A psychic medium in Los Angeles, Kris Cahill, walked our students through several psychic meditation exercises so they could form deeper, more meaningful relationships. These meditation exercises helped the students understand themselves and prioritize their own values within existing relationships by developing their psychic abilities.

Updating Our Contracts with Psychic Meditation Exercises

The spiritual agreement we have with ourselves is the basis for all others to form externally. We often forget to self-reflect and note the changes in our lives, causing our contracts with our own consciousness to expire and misrepresent our most current selves. Kris showed the DEN students how psychic meditation exercises could be used to cultivate valuable, everyday life tools that can be used to manifest positive relationships.

The psychic within each of us is affected by the manifestation of our relationships. How do they play out? Are they loving or hostile? Are they lasting or temporary, healthy or aggressive? When they’re negative, the psychic within us suffers. But when they’re positive, our inner psychic thrives. Psychic meditation exercises thus can be exponentially beneficial: they develop our psychic abilities, which helps our relationships, which also helps our psychic abilities. The possibilities for inner growth and interpersonal thriving are truly incredible!  

Developing Psychic Abilities and Renewed Spirits

In this powerful and fun workshop, Kris reminded each of us that clearing through relational blocks just takes a little work and a lot of self-awareness. By using psychic meditation exercises to renew our spirits and reflect on who we are right now, we can improve existing relationships and create new ones, too.

The DEN Meditation offers 4-6 workshops a week focused on a variety of topics and interests. 

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