Reiki Certification Training at DEN Meditation

If you live in Los Angeles or surrounding counties, it’s time to earn your Reiki certification at The DEN meditation!

Reiki is all about reconnecting to the self by connecting spiritually with another being. The art of bringing another person’s soul to the surface and reviving their energies is more rewarding than one can imagine.

In more concrete terms, practicing Reiki has been scientifically proven to increase one’s white blood cell count. It also relieves depression, pain, and anxiety, among other things. Practicing Reiki also causes our brains to move into an alpha state, causing a state of deep relaxation that is often hard to achieve in our busy city. The Reiki Certification program at The DEN will equip you to become a channel for this healing energy at the Reiki 1 Level. Reiki 2 will teach you to send Reiki to yourself and others. Becoming Reiki certified opens the door for you to begin healing yourself and those around you.

Reiki healers have the amazing ability to give back to their communities and students through channeling universal energy into self-healing. Our cherished teacher, Tracey Ostrand, will show you how to heal, restore, open, and transform yourself and others through Reiki.

The DEN Meditation’s Reiki certification course comes in two parts, so you can understand the inner workings of this transformative practice.

Reiki 1:

You will become attuned to Reiki, which enables you to be a passage for healing energy for yourself and others all life long.

Reiki 2:

You will learn to perform Distant of Absentee Reiki, enabling you to send Reiki to yourself and others through space and time.

Once you’ve obtained your Reiki Certification at The DEN Meditation, you’ll be able to truly make a difference in people’s lives – and make a living off it, too!

If Reiki certification seems like something you’d enjoy, you can learn more about our certification program here or test the waters with a Reiki Healing Circle class.

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