“Say aaaaah! Meditation studios are the newest trend in wellness.”

The DEN on LA Times

“This is how busy and harried we are at work, home and all places in between: A new boutique studio in Los Angeles offers busy Angelenos a place to do nothing but … meditate. 

Like so many entrepreneurs, Tal Rabinowitz was emboldened by the fact that she couldn’t find what she needed — and went ahead and made it herself. The result is the Den, a meditation-only studio that Rabinowitz designed to be secular, accessible to the masses and not linked to a particular movement, guru or lifestyle.

‘There is no lingo here,’ she said. ‘Meditation should be for everyone.’

Rabinowitz has long been a proponent of meditating, finding it enormously helpful in the high-stress job she formerly held as an executive vice president at NBC. (The official opening party brought in a stream of her celebrity friends from her TV days, including Kate Walsh, Amanda Seyfried and Anna Kendrick…”

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