Spring Cleaning for the Soul

The Spring season conjures up all kinds of images of rebirth and renewal… it’s when the year really starts to kick into high gear. The days get a little longer and the world around us is brimming with vital energy begging to flow through us. We are inundated with ideas of reflection and purification but are so caught up in the swing of things it can be hard to stop and take stock. But what if we could harness the energy of this beautiful season (especially if you’re in Los Angeles right now) and work with it to harmonize and cleans the places in our life where we have been thrown off balance? Below are some suggestions to incorporate into the season as life permits.

Embrace Silence in Nature

Because the energy of Springtime can be so intense, we are prone to being completely swept up in it, which can leave us feeling exhausted and depleted. A great way to balance this energy is to allow it to flow through you by silently spending time in nature. Simply observing the motion of the world around you and noticing the elements that are specific to this time of year- the colors, the sounds, the smells- will create a space within you for the intense life force that is the Spring season.

Digital Moderation

We always seem to find ourselves in the second quarter before we were fully ready for the first one to end. Most industries are in full swing, and there is more to be done than there are people to do it. That said, self-imposed digital detoxes can often feel like another thing to check off your to-do list, and so they never become a regular part of life. This season, try going to sleep with the phone in another room, and not checking in with the digital world until you’ve had a chance to check in with yourself each morning. That way, you will be more prone to prioritizing what’s most important to you.

Break a Bad Habit

January 1st is well behind us, and maybe some of the resolutions have stuck and maybe they haven’t. It doesn’t matter. Is there something you know you need to give up? Use this time as a test run. In the Christian tradition, Spring is the time of Lent, which is all about self-reflection and fasting. This encompasses the spirit of renewal and rebirth that makes Spring so invigorating, and we can incorporate the practice of reflecting on what we’d like to let go of, and use the time to see who we are without it.

Sanctify Your Space

Spring is as good a time as any to give your space a once-over and clear out what is no longer needed, but apart from the obvious benefits of a clutter-and-dirt-free space, cleaning is an act of reverence when done mindfully. You are creating a physical manifestation of the mental state you strive for. It’s the perfect time to bring elements of the season inside to create a feeling of renewal, such as bringing in fresh flowers or a new plant.

Focus on Service

It’s really easy to get caught up in the demands of work and life as the year gets into full swing, so the more we can consciously orient our actions toward service, the better. Time to check our motivations and make sure they still align with our values, and make adjustments accordingly.

Employ Radical Forgiveness

A clean slate is a clean soul, and what we give to others we give to ourselves. The resentments- big and small- that we cling to are the ultimate form of emotional and mental clutter. Use the spirit of Springtime to usher out all the old, stagnant, negativity that staves off a feeling of renewal.

Clean up Your Side of the Street

Make a list of all the things you’ve been putting off or avoiding, whether it’s calling an old friend for a catch up or creating a monthly budget, then pick the most daunting one and do it. Don’t mull it over, or think about how gross it is going to feel, just do it. Every time we avoid doing something that we know is good for us, we chip away at our self-esteem, and every time we make the decision to tackle something we don’t feel like doing, we make giant strides for our courage and confidence. By completing the toughest thing on your list, you will feel such a sense of ease and accomplishment that it will make up for any initial discomfort, and it will likely encourage you to check off the other things on your list! Win-win.

Take a Breather

While 30 minutes of meditation per day is highly recommended (the DEN offers a 30 minute Lunchtime Detox class every week day) to combat the stress-induced hormones coursing through our bloodstream, taking a few conscious breaths every hour or so works wonders at bringing you right back to the present moment.

And most of all, ENJOY this fresh as hell season.

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