Spring Reset Meditation Challenge

Meditation is a practice. Like so many of the things we know are good for us, such as exercising and eating right, it requires a bit of dedication, patience, and a willingness to keep showing up. This can feel really unnatural in our world, which values instant gratification so highly. We are used to judging an activity by the amount of time and effort required before it bears fruit- which is understandable- but that tendency can cause us to quit just before there’s a breakthrough.

This is why places like The DEN exist, to assist in establishing new and more positive habits and breaking old patterns, while providing a respite from the things in life that hold us back from realizing the full potential of our well-being. The DEN’s Spring Reset Meditation Challenge is an invitation to start your practice in earnest or renew and reinvigorate your current practice. Starting April 1st, you are invited to embark on a 21 day challenge that requires you to attend at least one DEN class each day (ending April 30th).

If you don’t currently have a membership at The DEN, you have the option to purchase an intro special for $50 that gives you an unlimited 21 days, so if you’re in Los Angeles and have been considering stopping in, now would be a great time! The DEN is offering one free class for those who complete this challenge, which you are welcome to keep for yourself or gift to a friend or loved one.

Making a commitment to show up each day for your practice for three weeks straight has the potential to set you on a new path entirely. The Challenge can be seen as an opportunity to experience the many offerings at The DEN and try something new! Maybe you typically attend our AM Energizer class, but have always been curious about Kundalini? Or maybe you typically stick with a Mindfulness practice but have been considering trying Breathwork. Now is the time! By the end of this 21 day challenge, you will have begun to get familiar with the stillness within that awaits your discovery… you are encouraged to dive in and make the most of your 21 days. The potential is limitless, and we at The DEN want to help you stay accountable to it. Let’s do this!

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