“This Sweat-Free Yoga Craze Is What Angelenos Are Doing to Get More Sleep”

The DEN on Purewow.com

“Yoga Nidra’s aim is to lead practitioners into what’s called an alpha state of consciousness, that place between waking and sleep where your body is resting and your mind is awake.

Classes vary according to teacher, but they generally work like this: You lie down on cushions, prop up your head and cover yourself with a blanket (pro trick: put a bolster under your knees to lessen back tension). With eyes closed, you follow the instructor’s gentle instructions to relax individual body parts and count backward, in order to calm yourself physically and mentally.

Most interestingly, you’re asked to set an intention for your practice, and to state it in the present tense. (For example: ‘I am a healthy eater.’ Not: ‘I will stop sneaking junk food at my desk.’)…”

The Den on Purewow

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