The Beauty Benefits Of Meditation

Ladies, this one’s for you! Women’s Health Magazine reminds us that stress can do a number on our appearance. Bottling up stress can result in wrinkled skin, acne, and even hair loss! But, have no fear; There is now a prescription supported by both dermatologists and The DEN! Not only does meditation provide mental benefits (like improved focus, elevated ambition, and enriched relationship-building skills), but physical benefits have been seen as well.

Recent scientific studies have shown that stress can cause muscle tension and blood vessel constriction, leading to a loss of our skin’s natural “rosy glow,” the appearance of fine lines, and the deprivation of oxygen to hair follicles. However, we must also note how not dealing with stress can prevent us from doing daily routines that benefit our health. According to dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Christine Cabell from at the Geisinger Health System, “We sleep less, drink less water, drink more caffeine, skip parts of our skin care routine and exercise less” when we are stressed.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to “release chemicals that counter the ‘stress’ chemicals and hormones” as a result of being in a more relaxed mindset. Meditating for just a few minutes a day can improve your appearance –  the longer we meditate, the better we feel. And the better we feel, the better our bodies work to prevent aging! The DEN meditation supports taking time out of your day to focus on yourself. As women, we understand the importance of “looking good and feeling good.” Even the strongest women need time to deal with tension. We suggest taking some “not-so-alone-time” by rounding up a group of friends and meditating together in a loving and soothing environment! The DEN meditation studio is open daily for everyone from the study-crazy college student to the hard working-mom.

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    11 hours ago

    […] The sociologists of Charles University, Prague, studied the influence of meditation on the age of the organism. The background for the study was the well-known opinion that people in the East leave longer and look younger in comparison with the people in the West. They found out that during meditation our body fights the hormone of ageing. Almost three thousand respondents showed a lower physiological age — almost ten years less than the chronological age. (For more information visit). […]


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