Aspasia Koumli

Aspasia is an advanced meditation practitioner, and a certified teacher within various meditation modalities. Her main focus is in the tantric yogic sciences.

As a full time stillness and meditation teacher and Spirituality Coach, she loves working with those who feel stuck in order to help them cast off fear, stop self sabotage, and elevate their consciousness and confidence. Originally from Greece, she has lived all over the world and has previously worked in the corporate world, but she had her kundalini awakening in 2009. Slowly and steadily delving deep within, she consciously transformed her life from being a fear driven corporate employee, to a love focused life of flow. Meditation practices have accelerated her self-development in quantum leaps, and her daily practices is her anchor. Her purpose in life is driven by clarity, passion, love and desire to spread the light and awaken souls to their own power and the teacher within. “Making peace with our thoughts, directing focus and creating a calm, centered life is our power and birthright”, that's her main focus in her classes!


No upcoming sessions scheduled. Please check back for updates.