Danika Sole

Danika was introduced to Reiki at a very young age by her mother who was a Reiki Master. Spirit medicine and meditation were woven into her consciousness from the very beginning.

In 2010, Danika received a BA in Psychology from The University of North Carolina, and from there became a counselor and meditation guide. In feeling called to know more about herself and what drives fundamental happiness, she then gave up her comforts, unplugged from society, and dove deeper into self-study. What she found was the healing of energetic blockages as a catalyst for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and well-being. In essence, that which she’d known all along: Reiki & energy medicine. The midpoint between science and spirituality.

She is currently a Reiki Master & Teacher, sound healer, certified meditation guide, and yoga instructor, and uses her lifetime of personal experience, paired with her training and background in the healing arts, to share the gift of energy medicine.

“Heal yourself, heal the world,” she believes.


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