Jon Paul Crimi

A former Personal Trainer to countless celebrities for two decades and now a Sober Coach and Breathwork Teacher to Hollywood’s Elite. Jon Paul brings a no-nonsense east-coast edge and sense of humor, not often found in the world of transformation Meditation. He has been seen on Good Morning America, featured in Huffington Post and The Hollywood Reporter as well as many other worldwide publications.After a chance encounter with Tony Robbins that resulted in a personal invitation that cracked his heart wide open, Jon Paul began studying simultaneously under several gifted healers. As a result, Jon Paul has been passing on a unique blend of breathwork that he created as a direct result of these mentors and coaches.JP combines breathwork and a heart opening meditation that is designed to make sure you leave feeling amazing accompanied with a new-found clarity about what is truly meaningful to you in your life. Some of those moments are sure to surprise you.


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