Mariah K. Lyons

Mariah K. Lyons is a meditation and mindfulness coach, certified yoga instructor, and founder of The Quiet Melon, a modern meditation and modern lifestyle brand. After years of experimenting with different healing modalities to treat herself for various ailments, Mariah now guides others on their paths to zen with a modern and relatable approach. With a background in professional dance, Mariah infuses her Move & Mind classes with mindful movement, yoga flow, and guided meditation to help her students achieve modern mind, body, and soul centering. Her meditation techniques include Breath Work, Mindfulness, Body Scan, and Moving Meditation. Mariah has created and taught classes for The Soho House, Ambrose Hotel, and Carbon 38. She has collaborated and partnered with Beaming, Clover Juice, Carbon 38, Generosity Water, ZoeReport, SwimSocial, and Rebecca Minkoff.


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