Munay Sonqo

A certified massage therapist (CMT) and body worker with more than eight years of experience, Munay Sonqo is a graduate of Psycho Structural Balancing who combines her intuitive healing with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chinese, Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Reiki. For nearly 10 years, Munay has used dynamic meditation such as Vibration-Shaking and Energy Dance Meditation as well as Visualization, Breath Work, Affirmations, Meridian Stretching, and Aura Clearing to prepare the body and mind for deep relaxation and sitting meditation. Munay’s classes are designed to help you connect with the subtle body and increase life force energy. They also strengthen the mind’s focused intent for transformational healing and awakening presence. Her classes are always fun, exciting, and new. Since 2007 she has taught small groups, individual classes and workshops throughout Los Angeles, The Bay Area, New York, and Costa Rica.


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