Rebecca Kordecki

For over 22 years Rebecca has been touching lives in the health and wellness industry. Rebecca started in the industry as a fitness coach and soon added massage therapist, diet coach, wellness consultant and speaker to her resume.

Rebecca’s most gratifying work is teaching breathwork because breathwork allows every individual to be their own healer - their own “guru”. Rebecca was trained under Jon Paul Crimi and completed his Breathwork Teacher Training Intensive. Before Mind Body and Spirit was cool to talk about Rebeca was encouraging her clients to embrace all three realms to find true balance and wellness on their fitness journey. Because her own journey to discovering breathwork was so impactful Rebecca realized that sometimes you do need to use a little tough love to have breakthroughs but she still always manages to have a soft touch. This blend of the two may be why people call Rebecca “a gifted healer”.

Rebecca’s sole purpose on this planet is to help lift - shift and hopefully transform as many lives as possible in whatever ways she can.


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