"Sharanya" is a compassionate yoga teacher, Reiki healer and massage therapist who has a passion for healing, community, health and wellness. A Los Angeles and NYC based yoga instructor who enjoys traveling the world and exploring nature. Sharanya began her lifetime journey with yoga in 2012 and through the practice of yoga, was able to find an outlet that allowed her to explore her mental and spiritual state through the physical existence. This deep inner discovery immensely peaked her curiosity, which awakened her longing for yoga. The endless benefits of yoga is what inspired Sharanya to motivate her students to live an expansive, authentic, vigorous, and healthy life. She learned early on that yoga and meditation isn't just a physical practice but instead a path, that involves daily awareness of the mind, body and subtle energies.

Sharanya has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations across NYC, NJ, and CA, offering yoga and meditation as self-healing and transformation tools. Experience in teaching Vinyasa, Meditation and Rajadhiraja Yoga to all levels offering Asanas, Guided Meditation, Pranayama, Kirtan, Chakra Alignment, Reiki Healing, Sound Bowl Therapy and Yoga Philosophy.


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