Tremendous Impacts of Group Meditation on World Peace

Meditation, contrary to popular belief, can be more powerful done together than when done alone. In the article, “Making The Voice of Peace Stronger” by Sejal Shah, we are exposed to the magic that is created by group meditation. When a small, cohesive group comes together with a unifying intent for the world, they are able to greatly influence large masses of people.

The article exhibits three scientific reasons that we should all focus on meditating with the intent of world peace. If done properly, group meditation can create a tangible impression on the world. The convergence of our positive energies sparks a lasting ripple effect that brings a sense of peace upon the surrounding environment. This leads us to the first scientific reason for meditating with large groups: We are all one!

Bhanu Narasimhan, sister of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living, the organizer of World Cultural Festival, states:

It is not about individuality or certain sections of society. It is all about recognizing that we are all connected and part of one universal being. We all are governed by vibrations. A happy person can make us happy and an unhappy person spreads unhappiness.

Together, our dynamisms become one, allowing for greater impact.

The second motivation is that there is power in numbers. Alone, we have the opportunity to get ourselves to a place of mental, maybe even physical stability that grants us the gift of self-awareness. However, once we are able to identify with ourselves in an open, nonjudgmental, existential way, it becomes ever-more useful for us to come together and link our well-wishes together. According to renowned quantum physicist John Hagelin Ph.D., “There is far more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than that aspirin reduces headaches. It is a scientific fact.”

So, there you have it folks, meditation actually works to bring about peace and solidarity. If you don’t believe it yet, take for example the Lebanon War of the 1980s. During this period of turmoil and fear 1,000 people meditated in Jerusalem with the intention of world peace. In effect, war related deaths in Lebanon went down by over 75% as did crime and other “destructive happenings.”

And last, but definitely not least, “group meditation is like tug of war” with all of our synergized energy pulling on the same side. Shah points out that, “according to the super-string theory in physics, waves of vibration flow from everything in the universe affecting the collective consciousness of others.” By this, scientists mean that the vibrations from our own bodies bond us to the collective consciousness of others. When the collective consciousness is strong, there is very little room for individuality to hinder the group’s objectives.

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