Let’s Get Together (for Social Meditation)!

These “2016 Wellness Trends” from well + GOOD have us starting off our New Year right! Whether it’s eating right or making time for meditation, we recommend you take a look at these tips for living a healthier and happier life! Here at The DEN meditation, we seek to help you find balance and serenity, create mental space to cope with all of the stress life throws your way, and give our bodies all the respect it deserves. Can’t find time to make a healthy and filling lunch?  Throw together a nutrient-filled bowl and take it on the go OR have a quick snack that contains super powerful Adaptogens (i.e. SUPERHEBS)!

We’re focusing on Tip  #8 (Meditation Will Be Part of Your Social Life)!  This helpful hint highlights the up-&-coming nature of meditation as a social activity.  Meditation allows us to clear our minds and focus on what is truly important. Even taking 10-15 minutes out of your day can help produce a more peaceful environment for both yourself and your family. Our La Brea space is flowing with warmth, openness, and comfort and seats up to 50 people (who you can invite to your first meditation party)! The idea of group meditation has been around for ages, but is just coming to the light here in Los Angeles. Feel free to stop by for a class or simply hang out with friends and build up your meditation community! “Chill out time isn’t a just solo activity anymore.”

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