Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Singing Technique

The DEN in Backstage

“I’m a huge fan of the Olympics, which means I was in hog heaven back in February, tuning in each night to see the latest from the Winter Games in South Korea. As I watched legendary snowboard champion Shaun White pull off a comeback to get the gold, it got me thinking about parallels to singing. It occurred to me that training more like an Olympic athlete can help you improve your singing technique.

Singing is an artistic endeavor, but it’s also an athletic endeavor.
It involves training your body to do the same thing over and over for a desired outcome just as any athlete does. Physically, it is no different then Shaun White training his body to do the mechanics of his snowboard tricks so that when he gets into the competition, he achieves a peak performance that appears effortless…”

The DEN on Backstage

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