Why Energy Work Might Be The Solution to Pre-Wedding Stress

The DEN in Brides

“It’s nearly impossible to imagine a bride who, leading up to her wedding day, doesn’t feel some degree of stress, anxiety or simple exhaustion. It’s just a given. Of course, there are many ways to cope, from the unhealthy ones—stress eating, drinking too much—to the good-for-you options, which could include yoga, meditation and even journaling. Energy work—which includes craniosacral therapy, reiki, sound therapy, shamanic healing, acupuncture and crystal therapy—is another modality that, for many, can be a saving grace. (Meditation spaces are one source, alongside yoga studios and progressive spas around the country.)

The benefits to energy work are psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual, says The DEN Meditation founder Tal Rabinowitz. “Picture entering a room as if you were getting a massage, but you are fully dressed. You will lie on a table comfortably and depending on what energy work you are getting, with either a very light touch or a completely hands-off approach, your practitioner will transfer healing energy to you,” she says, describing the experience…”

The DEN in Brides:

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